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Sheryl Krmpotich Quotes

We really had a slow start tonight. But we kept our composure and we finally started playing Gorman basketball in the fourth.
Sheryl Krmpotich

Lauren's a smart kid. She's played with four fouls in the past. She's a senior and you expect your seniors to play smart.
Sheryl Krmpotich

She's just a big, dominating force in the middle. She can shoot the jumper from 17, 18 feet out, she's quick going to the bucket, she's got great post moves, she faces up -- she's going to be a great college player.
Sheryl Krmpotich

Our plan is to get the job done this year. To leave no doubt on the floor.
Sheryl Krmpotich

It was unfortunate for our boys. But they won it last year and we lost in the semifinals. This year it was the other way around. Maybe one of these years we'll get it together.
Sheryl Krmpotich