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The height-weight charts you see in doctors offices are determined right here by the people who participate in this study. Monroe County was selected because the government tries to get an average picture of Americans in the country, and the county seems to be a good representation of the national population.
Sherryl Willhoit

Because this is a scientific experiment, people are chosen based on very specific information. However, we haven't selected everybody yet, so someone could still get a letter in the next two weeks.
Sherryl Willhoit

People would pay about $3,000 to $5,000 for this exam if it was done in a doctor's office. If they participate in this survey, they get the results for free and have the opportunity to be part of a national study.
Sherryl Willhoit

Everyone who comes through this study is kept confidential by law. When they walk through those doors, they become a number. We don't even know their names or addresses.
Sherryl Willhoit