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The problems of this country are so profound, there's a prolonged impasse. I don't see any solution any time soon.
Sheila Coronel

For me the problem is not political. The problem is social inequality. There is a mass of people who depend on patronage, and that allows our feudal political system to survive. So we cannot reform the causes of mass poverty.
Sheila Coronel

In our day and age, cyberspace remains the most promising outlet for the exercise of the most elemental of all our rights: the right to free expression. At little cost and with much more freedom than is possible in the real world, the Net provides a space for one of the most profound expressions of our humanity: the need to speak out. Those of us who have lived through repressive regimes in Asia know what it is like to be forced into silence. My own story is similar to that of many of yours.
Sheila Coronel
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