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Shawn Nelson Quotes

There's not a lot of teams that have that kind of firepower coming off the bench. She does what she does. She did that last year. She's instant offense and she's a game changer.
Shawn Nelson

It's just two road wins. We're awfully happy with the way we played defense, boxed out and held (Westminster and L-C State) to one shot.
Shawn Nelson

They're playing with a lot of confidence right now. They're very athletic and very patient on offense.
Shawn Nelson

It just looked to me that it was fun to be out there. We're pushing the ball around and making the extra pass and that's leading to open shots. We're going in the right direction.
Shawn Nelson

I give St. Xavier credit for not quitting. They hit the tough shots at the end.
Shawn Nelson

Katie had a real good game.
Shawn Nelson