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Sharika Webb Quotes

I think it's really nice just knowing that if you come out of the game, there's not a liability out there. It's nice to come out and get a breather and have someone out there that's going to have your back.
Sharika Webb

It's very important because we have four games left that can make or break if we come out on top of our conference. It's very important for us to go into every game likes it's an Ohio State, Minnesota or Michigan State game.
Sharika Webb

(Michigan is) last in our conference and so they don't have anything to lose. Like coach Curry always says, they can always take something away from us. I think it's us not taking any team for granted.
Sharika Webb

Magic was a true point guard, in my opinion. He could see the floor, and his passes were amazing. I always loved the way he played. I think I play like him a little bit because he was so relaxed on the floor. You never really knew what to expect from him.
Sharika Webb

North Carolina is fast, quick and athletic at all five positions. We're going to have our work cut out for us but I think there are a lot of things we do well.
Sharika Webb