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Shane Victorino Quotes

I was in middle-school - or younger - when Kenny started playing and he's been a great player all these years.
Shane Victorino

That's one thing that he wants us to do here, play solid. Making little mistakes here and there will cost runs. That's what he wants to stress more than anything else. Wins look good, but if you don't do everything fundamentally sound, you're not getting anything out of the spring.
Shane Victorino

He's a silent assassin. He's a big man and can be intimidating, but he's so soft-spoken. But you always know when he's around.
Shane Victorino

It's in his character. He wants to be that guy. He wants to carry that load, and that's a special characteristic to have.
Shane Victorino

From everything I've heard and read, I feel comfortable. But no one from management told me I'm the fourth outfielder, so I'm a little on edge.
Shane Victorino