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We did it right, ... No apologies necessary on our part.
Shane Osborn

It's not very common for a big, slow-moving aircraft to ram into a high-performance jet fighter, ... And we definitely made a sharp left turn -- that was called uncontrolled flight -- inverted in a dive after he impacted my propeller and my nose.
Shane Osborn

Yes, I was deprived of sleep, especially during the first few days, ... However, there was nothing physical, no touching or anything like that.
Shane Osborn

Definitely, I thought on the initial impact that he just killed us. And, obviously, there's 24 people on board . . . I care about every single one of them very much, and I wasn't happy with the aggressive nature of the intercept.
Shane Osborn

I want to thank America, the administration and everyone involved in getting us home so quickly, ... It was a surprise and we're all glad to be back. We can all be proud of this crew.
Shane Osborn

It's good to be back in the United States,
Shane Osborn
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