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I respected Greg a lot. We had some real ding-dong battles - especially in that 1983 Tour of Lombardy.... The finish was so close.
Sean Kelly

We want to get the kids thinking about what's going on over there and support the troops. We want them to realize that people who are just five or six years older than them are fighting for their freedom.
Sean Kelly

What brings in the active-duty military is the fact that the disaster has overcome the state response, when the state is getting overwhelmed,
Sean Kelly

We didn't really have it together at the beginning of the second half, ... But we stepped it up after the goal. We realized we had to step it up, and we really had to keep our marks, because they're a really quick team, really good offensively.
Sean Kelly
#Second Half

I have no regrets at all. I wouldn't want to change anything that happened in the last seven years. The only thing that perhaps would have made a difference is having a sponsor for this project.
Sean Kelly
#Seven Years

Players that are 17 or 18 years old shouldn't be up-rooted from their families and coming out and maybe coming back again, but we think with the AFL's co-operation - and indeed initiative - we'll be able to stem that tide as well.
Sean Kelly