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Scott Rothbort Quotes

The poor ratings on the TV show equated in my mind to the fact that management of Martha Stewart Living no longer had the clout to enter into new deals or to announce any kind of new Martha Stewart-related projects that would give the stock further support.
Scott Rothbort

This is a work in progress and a company that's transitioning. Don't expect instant gratification here.
Scott Rothbort

He brings energy and excitement to investing by injecting the fast-money trader mentality into the buy-and-hold investor. You have to filter out some of the histrionics, but if you listen carefully, his message is to do your homework.
Scott Rothbort

People are starting to realize that Sears is moving in the right direction and is a good investment.
Scott Rothbort

Earnings still grew, sales are growing ... and you know what? They haven't even begun to penetrate China yet.
Scott Rothbort