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Scott Olsen Quotes

It's never bothered me. It's never affected my running. It's never affected how late I can go into the game. Then again, I'm still 22. So in 10 years it probably would affect my running and throwing, so I'd just like to knock it out now.
Scott Olsen

Quitting is a process. It's gradual. I'm limiting it to six a day — after meals, before you go to bed, whenever you get up.
Scott Olsen

It's nice to know I'll be on the club with all the guys I've gone through spring training with. Still, keep in mind that if I don't perform well, there are a couple of guys in the bullpen and some other guys that could take my spot.
Scott Olsen

We all think we can win. We think the experience factor is very overrated. Just because you're not a proven big-league player doesn't mean you can't play the game. We have to go out and play our best every day to win, we know that.
Scott Olsen

I've wanted to pitch here since I was 5 years old. I have people calling all the time.
Scott Olsen