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Scott Mellanby Quotes

Hopefully, the goal is to create some parity. The difference between making the playoffs, finishing fifth or sixth, and missing it isn't much. It's a pretty fine line.
Scott Mellanby

He tried to kick it with his skate. But that was because quite a few gentlemen, and I won't mention any names, were jumping away from it.
Scott Mellanby

We've had a pretty good power play all year until recently. We've struggled, and it's found us. Our penalty killing has not been great all year, so we've really needed our power play to come through.
Scott Mellanby

You've got to develop your players and make good decisions. Youth and speed are, to a large degree, the answer. In the long run, (the system) is going to create some parity. It's going to be like the NFL in the sense that management has got to do a great job if you're going to be up there every year.
Scott Mellanby

To be able to have the kind of night I had and have a big goal like that is special for me. It was gratifying in a lot of ways.
Scott Mellanby