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The responsible way to handle a security vulnerability report is to let the vendor know you believe you've found a potential vulnerability in their product so they can investigate it. That wasn't done in this case, and it's really unfortunate because the result has been that customers have been unnecessarily frightened about this issue because we were given a grand total of fewer than 12 hours between the initial report of the vulnerability and the time it went public. The goal at the end of the day is to protect customers, and responsible reporting practices suggest that the right way is to give the vendor a chance to do the investigation.
Scott Culp

Whether or not an operating system has a remote command shell says nothing about its ability to withstand other attacks such as denial of service attacks.
Scott Culp

There is great customer interest in UPnP, especially as more UPnP-capable devices are becoming available. Folks who don't want UPnP can certainly turn off the service, but just applying the patch is sufficient to return it to safe operation.
Scott Culp

We're recommending as a work-around that customers who are worried about this vulnerability disable active scripting, while we develop a patch for this.
Scott Culp