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We are very excited to share this information this week with the healthcare information technology leaders present at HIMSS. We've had this product under development for some time. The participants in our focus groups all indicate that a product at this price point and versatility is something they want.
Scott Cohen

In the end, the companies that make the needed changes to their performance management process will generate significant competitive advantages.
Scott Cohen

It is really exciting to experience Popkomm again as a premium trade show ... It makes sense to have an event like this. Popkomm finally provided us with an opportunity to obtain licences for our catalogues. There was no time to rest, and genuine business was conducted here. For the first time we were able to get together to work out a global strategy with our 17 subsidiaries, whose representatives had travelled from Hong Kong, Beijing, Buenos Aires and Moscow.
Scott Cohen

They weren't hurt. Everyone is safe and healthy.
Scott Cohen