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Sandis Ozolinsh Quotes

The first thing we must accomplish is get past the preliminary round. This gives us confidence, a little bit, that we can play with the top teams.
Sandis Ozolinsh

I'm very grateful to get back here and get a lot of support from my teammates and everybody. It was very important. I'm trying to keep very positive about everything.
Sandis Ozolinsh

All I was trying to do was get it past their first forward. It hit somebody's stick. It was nice to score a goal -- it had been a long time. But the most important thing is we won a hockey game against a tough opponent.
Sandis Ozolinsh
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It was a lucky break for us and we'll take it. We competed pretty hard the whole game. It was a good win for us.
Sandis Ozolinsh

I was trying to get there and sweep the puck away. It was an unfortunate mistake and took our momentum away.
Sandis Ozolinsh