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Sam Allardyce Quotes

I do not like being linked to a club where another manager is in the job.
Sam Allardyce

I am sure he is very disappointed but it does give him an opportunity to play for us on a more regular basis given that we will be down on numbers.
Sam Allardyce

His focus and belief in himself and his talent will be a great addition for us in the Premiership. His focus is only to play Premiership football.
Sam Allardyce

Incredibly average, ... There wasn't much entertainment today but necessity overrules entertainment and necessity's money these days. You'll keep your job by winning, not by going out and playing fancy football and losing 5-4. The object is to try and keep your progress going, however you can.
Sam Allardyce

At this level all matches will be hard but we are here on merit and we look forward to seeing where we might be travelling in Europe.
Sam Allardyce

The [post-match] reaction doesn't help, but it doesn't make the England job an impossible one. If you know what you are going into, you accept it before you go into it.
Sam Allardyce