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Ryland Wagner Quotes

Every one of those matches was a state-caliber match. That's what helps you get better. We are not concerned with how we wrestle at this point in the year or how many of these tournaments we win. Our eyes are on the state tournament at the end of the year. We just want to wrestle as tough of competition as we can.
Ryland Wagner

This is a great birthday present. This is a great turnout here tonight. This is what we want as far as the fans and the support and the enthusiasm of everyone because we want this to be a top tournament for everyone.
Ryland Wagner

In my mind, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us. This is 13 years I've been here and we've never come close to having a team like we have right now.
Ryland Wagner

I knew he had the ability to be a state champion. It was a switch turned on in him just before the state tournament and he just went for it.
Ryland Wagner