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A long-term solution is to increase retail sales tax revenue. I think Copper Town Center will be a tremendous shot in the arm for the area and the county.
Russ Thomas

I have some significant experience in general plan revisions. I served six years on the Stanislaus County Planning Commission. First, we need to seek out a person we have been advertising for to oversee the Planning and Building departments.
Russ Thomas

I'll continue what I've been doing. We can't turn our backs on the reality for the need of infrastructure to deal with increased population. We also need to keep an eye on quality-of-life issues.
Russ Thomas

I am pleased that the entire Gold Standard team will continue our success in developing innovative clinical products and solutions for the healthcare industry. We look forward to a collaboration that will add value to both the Elsevier e-clinical reference information solutions and in our offerings to our collective customers.
Russ Thomas