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We need to know if they're responsible. And the reps have to be outgoing enough to convince a store owner to put a poster in their window.
Ron Vos

The music industry isn't spending a lot of money (on promotion) lately. Things are tightening up, but that just means we have to be more creative -- which I love.
Ron Vos

These kids are the types of people that can handle this work in addition to their homework. It takes a special type of person to get through all of our preliminary testing and handle this job.
Ron Vos

We're looking for people who know their city upside down. We want to know what clubs they go to, where they buy things -- they need to show us that they're knowledgeable.
Ron Vos

In our company sessions, we fight, argue and get emotional and passionate about defending our ideas. When we're coming up with ideas, it needs to be a real free-flowing, free-thinking time; anybody can say anything. Very often, it gets ugly, but at the end of the day, my staff knows that it will return to being a professional atmosphere.
Ron Vos