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All in all, the media was very fair to us. I was surprised and very happy about it.
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This is more than just a spiritual war. It?s a culture war.
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We're in the middle of a spiritual battle but also in the middle of a cultural war. Your generation is being pounded with sexual messages. ... All the messages being sent through the movies, the Internet, point-and-click pornography. It's literally destroying your generation.
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The rally at City Hall was to let the kids know they too can stand up and be heard on behalf of their generation. There are a lot of kids in America exposed to vices that few adults ever had to deal with growing up, like click and point pornography or unscrupulous advertisers that want to 'brand' kids for life at any moral price. Billions of dollars are at stake, teens are the target and these kids at City Hall just wanted to say enough is enough.
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Technology is taking this generation by storm.
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