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Architecture, like dress, is an exercise in good manners, and good manners involve the habit of skillful insincerity-the habit of saying "good morning" to those whose mornings you would rather blight, and of passing the butter to those you would rather starve.
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The sexual parts are not only vivid examples of the body's dominion; they are also apertures whose damp emissions and ammoniac smells testify to the mysterious putrefaction of the body.
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Our gardens are symbols of home rather than seduction. Young people with fire in their blood are seldom found in them. The garden is the scene of middle age, of the slow passage from sexual excitement to domestic routine.
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[In] An Intelligent Person's Guide to Modern Culture, ... Sometimes, as with the Spice Girls or the Pet Shop Boys, serious doubts arise as to whether the performers made more than a minimal contribution to the recording, which owes its trademark to subsequent sound engineering, designed precisely to make it unrepeatable.
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It is a great pity we had only one bottle not enough to revive that proof of the afterlife, though enough to revive some gentle regrets
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