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Roddy White Quotes

I'll be ready. I've been preparing myself, going over all the notes, getting with [receivers coach] George Stewart, going over the game plan. The more I do that, the easier it will be as I get into the game. I'll be ready to step up. Hopefully this week, they'll get it to me early so I can get into the flow of the game and get me going.
Roddy White

I'm used to catching six or seven balls a game, so this is definitely new to me. It's not like I'm complaining. I know I have to play my way onto the field, and then everything will fall in place.
Roddy White

It's a part of the game you don't want to see. You're around people who are good guys and have put a lot of effort into it and to come out here and they're missing, it shocks you. It's also a relief because you see everybody that's going to be on the team, that's going to be your teammates, you get to learn from them.
Roddy White

I was just waiting on this point to come so I can show what I can do. My confidence is back up and I'm ready to go. I'm ready.
Roddy White

You have to let go of the bad memories as well as the good ones. It made me sick, but beating myself up about it isn't going to do me or anybody else in here any good. That's why I have to move on.
Roddy White

There's been a lot of progress between me and Mike. When I came in last year, he didn't know how fast I was and I didn't know how far he could throw it.
Roddy White