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Robyne Johnson Quotes

It has the reputation as a fast track. It's a top-of-the-line place and arguably the best in the Northeast. It's also nice to have on a cold or rainy day, just for practice.
Robyne Johnson

She showed incredible patience. She didn't get down on herself and was able to move from sixth to second on her last jump. She did what she had to do and came through when it counted. She also posted the fastest split for the 4 x 400-meter team.
Robyne Johnson

We have a couple of other opportunities to run fast and make strides with the New England Championships and the ECAC Championships coming up.
Robyne Johnson

I'm surprised with how high the women finished.
Robyne Johnson

We didn't even know the meet was going to be scored when we first went. So we weren't really trying to win.
Robyne Johnson

We were expecting the level of competition to be much higher at this meet. And it was.
Robyne Johnson