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Robert Barnett Quotes

If there was one thing I could see put behind us right now, it is the controversy at the housing authority.
Robert Barnett

Here in Mobile, it's bad, very bad. Thousands without power, people fighting for petrol, literally. We did not fare as badly as Gulfport, Biloxi or New Orleans, but there are towns totally obliterated, gone.
Robert Barnett

Peak hunting periods coincide with dry season drought months, as vegetation is less dense and wildlife searching for watering holes are easier to hunt and locate. Hence supply peaks during times of hardship and constitutes an important drought and famine coping strategy for the majority in the rural areas surveyed.
Robert Barnett

Lots of times in the past few months, there have been things I would have liked to have said, things I felt needed to be said. I'm glad I didn't say them. There's been a political war out of this, and I'm glad I didn't participate in that war.
Robert Barnett

We have invested many resources in developing and redefining our safety systems and procedures that we have become a model of early detection and warning systems design and response around the country.
Robert Barnett