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Rip Hamilton Quotes

A lot of the guys coming off the bench, it's like their first year playing together.
Rip Hamilton

Arnie wanted me to keep my back straight so I could get more strength and explode [forward] more. Now, my posture is straight up.
Rip Hamilton

He's been unbelievable. His confidence is what makes him.
Rip Hamilton

All we're focusing on is taking care of our business and taking things one game at a game.
Rip Hamilton

Never heard of him, but I heard of him this year. It's kind of funny. It's so small -- to hear about somebody coming from Coatesville, I would have heard of him. It's a great thing.
Rip Hamilton

I had to work on becoming a more complete player. I had to be a better three-point shooter to make it more difficult for opposing teams. It gives them one other thing to worry about with us.
Rip Hamilton