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Rick Ryan Quotes

It's the first time we've beaten Hotchkiss in my lifetime. We are hot right now. There's no magic wand. These kids are talented, and they've started to believe.
Rick Ryan

For nine years I taught Aspen to hate purple, to beat purple, and we did. This is bittersweet because I love the kids at Aspen. It was out of everybody's hands.
Rick Ryan

I played every single player on the team. There's not much more you can do. I wasn't trying to run up the score.
Rick Ryan

We had good rivalry wins against Aspen and Roaring Fork, but this was the next step we needed to take. I don't wanna peak too early, but I think we can play better, which is good.
Rick Ryan

This run is unbelievable, and we're playing some really good baseball. We can't enjoy it, though. We can't even breathe because Roaring Fork wants to kick our butts. Hopefully we can keep this going, and see what happens at the end.
Rick Ryan