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The public expects the press to have credibility. If this service could enhance that, it might be helpful. Editors have to trust their reporters, so it would be a delicate balance. We don't use the service, but if we did, I doubt we'd run every story through it.
Rick Rodriguez

We never thought about that as some magic number. Before the season, we were thinking probably 1,500 to 1,600 yards. But then about halfway through the season, people started talking about 2,000.
Rick Rodriguez

Dexter's worth about three touchdowns a game.
Rick Rodriguez

You kind of look back, ... and say, Man, we were a little short here.
Rick Rodriguez

get in front of someone and Dexter will do the rest.
Rick Rodriguez

I'm struck by the numbers -- by what they have been able to achieve. There's a real commitment to retain and build the staff.
Rick Rodriguez