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Richard Lindsay Quotes

We mainly just want to discuss the policy with cadets. Our main goal is dialogue. Our main goal is not to be arrested.
Richard Lindsay

We also want to make it clear that the majority of schools have welcomed us on campus.
Richard Lindsay

We watched so much on the news and it looked like everything down there was pretty badly botched up.
Richard Lindsay

The devastation was so severe, the only reaction you had was either stunned silence or to cry. It's one thing to see it on TV, it's another to see it in real life.
Richard Lindsay

I think what the report shows is that for 20 or 25 million people who are a part of these mainline denominations this is their primary engagement with LGBT issues. It's important for people in the rest of the LGBT movement to realize that this is a way to tap into the concerns of a goodly part of the population.
Richard Lindsay

This is the fourth school where we've had arrests take place. Most of the schools we've visited so far have been pretty generous and pretty welcoming, and we've been able to do discussions and presentations on campus without a problem.
Richard Lindsay