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The North Koreans always like to do something to upstage the South.
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Well, it has been the US desire all along to say if the North Koreans aren't serious, we need to take this (dispute) to the UN Security Council but it is the others who have blocked it.
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If there is a productive result coming out of the Security Council with Iran, I think that will increase the attractiveness of looking to the Security Council as a potential solution for North Korea and, at least, it will hopefully remove some of the Korean and Chinese objections to it.
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We attach significance to it (the test) because it has the words 'North Korea' and 'missile'. The North Koreans would be happy for us to attach a political message but I am not sure that was their intention.
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My sense is they haven't made much progress.
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I think there's some understanding that if we back off for now, the Chinese will make some movement on currency.
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