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Ralf Schumacher Quotes

It was a move based on me making space for him, which I did not want that early in the race on the basis of scoring as much as possible and getting the best out of the weekend.
Ralf Schumacher

I decided on a vision. I think I maybe join Toyota at the midpoint of a project, whose long-term goal is winning world championships. Also I have my big ambition, the drivers' world championship. That is not abandoned -- entirely the opposite. I am young enough and motivated enough to make a new start in order to reach this goal.
Ralf Schumacher

That was a very interesting race and it is obviously good news to have scored our first point of the year so we are very happy.
Ralf Schumacher

For travel and convenience, I prefer it the way we've had it this year, I must say. It was nice to first go to Malaysia, have a week's break before coming here and then be going home for the European races.
Ralf Schumacher

I was lucky with the safety car. With all the back markers we went through and finished third. It was great. We're strong people and we're looking forward to the next races.
Ralf Schumacher

It is a pity that we missed out on the points but that was not the best afternoon for me.
Ralf Schumacher