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Petr Prucha Quotes

I like the battles in the corners or behind the nets. I like hitting the other guy when he is bigger than me and to try to take him down. Usually I fall down too but it doesn't matter.
Petr Prucha

Hopefully I can bring some more energy and I can give a couple more goals this season and hopefully we can make the playoffs.
Petr Prucha

I settled down, maybe I got a little more confidence there. I don't know what happened. Maybe I just got lucky.
Petr Prucha

It was great. I got to see the living the legend. It was tough for our game because we had to warm up at 7:00 and then had to sit for an hour. But it was worth it because we got to be part of the celebration.
Petr Prucha

He has a great pass, great vision, great shot, great everything.
Petr Prucha

Everybody has to focus on him. He creates the game. He's the one.
Petr Prucha