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We still see good demand for galvanized steel in Asia, particularly in China. China was the world's biggest exporter of zinc till recently. Now there are reports of scarce zinc concentrates.
Peter Richardson

This is all about diversifying portfolio risks and creating new liquidity in assets that have a low or negative correlation to conventional assets. While inevitably investment is traceable to physical supply and demand for the (metals), it is also about the supply and demand of financial products. It is an additional demand that analysts have to take into account in the pricing levels.
Peter Richardson

The European market took off in 1999,
Peter Richardson

We believe strong fabrication demand, falling new-mine production and fund buying are set to sustain this gold -price rally into 2007.
Peter Richardson

The real supportive factor at the moment is, despite these two developments, that the company...is going through a period of lower grade ore...producing significantly less copper this year than last year.
Peter Richardson