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I thought he would be a great police dog, ... Its inherent with the breed. Its in their nature to do well and to be focused.
Peter Gould

They work both on and off lead, with a lot of repetitive commands, ... You have to teach them what to look for, and how to distinguish the scent they must follow from the other scents they will come across. You have to do it every day. You learn how to read your dogs signals, because each dog is different, and as you become more familiar with your dog you become more proficient at the process.
Peter Gould

The dogs are trained to alert their handlers by barking when theyve located the scent, ... The dogs search a vast area of land, and the handler is trained to watch their response. It comes down to always trusting your dog, as you would trust any other partner.
Peter Gould

We are very excited to partner with HMC to launch Great Hotels Rewards. Hotels that operate loyalty and frequency programs, which create value, recognition and rewards for consumers, enjoy not only a rise in their repeat business but also an increase in their average daily rate. Our research indicates that guests who participate in frequency programs tend not to be as price sensitive because of the value and recognition they receive. HMC has developed a product that will benefit many hotels and hotel groups like ours.
Peter Gould