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Patrick Freitas Quotes

A lot of people don't consider [mixed martial arts] a real sport. But it's here; it's real.
Patrick Freitas

It's not really a point system. The judging is based upon aggression, control of the ring, and also attempts to finish. There isn't a punch or kick count, like karate or kick boxing. It's a big difference.
Patrick Freitas

We had sort of kidded about it. Then all of a sudden it was a reality. [Tyson] took it up and sort of did it on his own.
Patrick Freitas

He's good looking, talented, and has an awesome personality. From a marketing standpoint, he's a promoter's dream.
Patrick Freitas

I consider the fighters decathletes of combat sports. It's a mix sport and you need to wear many hats, and it demands you to be a very good athlete, not just a fighter.
Patrick Freitas