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Probably 7 of 10 you give, a coach knew he was going to get a technical by what he said, and the other three, you can tell he didn't mean to say it, but he deserved it. The hardest thing for new official to understand it technical is just a foul. It's two free throws and possession of the ball. It's part of the game. If you read more into it than what it is, that's the problem.
Pat Pownall

If I miss one, I let them know. I tell them we're human. But as son as I make (a bad call), I'm like 'Oh man, I can't believe I did that.' But the things we shouldn't miss are ruling interpretations.
Pat Pownall

You can talk about the call, but the magic word is 'you'. Now they're directing that toward me. You can question my integrity, and that's a technical.
Pat Pownall