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I feel very strongly that it's unfair to those regions of the country that have a harsh winter. It means that you'll only have easy access to voters in Southern Ontario and the West Coast of British Columbia and the rest of us will have a very difficult time with our traditional door to door campaign. So, I feel very strongly it's [an] affront against equal access to consider a mid-winter campaign when it isn't necessary,
Pat Martin

We made a lot of mistakes, and you don't win big games when you make those kind of mistakes,
Pat Martin

He flies over these poor farming communities along the Tigris River and drops them down to the children. They watch the skies for him.
Pat Martin

I fully support the creation of an aboriginal political party if they choose, but it's doomed to fail in our system because there's very few seats where even a unanimous aboriginal vote would result in an MP.
Pat Martin

we should test those boundaries.
Pat Martin

It was the culture of secrecy that allowed corruption to flourish when the Liberals ran things around here.
Pat Martin