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Pat Casey Quotes

We were in a great position to sweep a club that we feel we're a better club than, and we just didn't play well today.
Pat Casey

It's really important (recruiting the Oregon high school players). We take pride in what those kids can do. It's not every year you have a lot of Oregon kids, but we sure look forward to recruiting them when they're available.
Pat Casey

We play 56 games. We expect to win them all, but we're not going to. We're just trying to find our way around.
Pat Casey

That's our best option right now. Cole has the ability to get on base, and hit gap-to-gap. He just has to continue to maximize his strengths.
Pat Casey

We've done a little better job at the plate. I think we've played with a little more energy, and it's always good to be at home.
Pat Casey