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Microsoft has a very strong interest in the readiness of America's work force, and as a company we believe access to learning is critical in advancing U.S. interests globally. By partnering with the DOL, we are opening yet another avenue for the ongoing education necessary for workers to remain competitive.
Pamela Passman

We have a very strong focus on this market. We've been investing and building a talented group of people there.
Pamela Passman

We're going to use the opportunity to share some of our technology and our vision about where the industry is going, and our commitment to China.
Pamela Passman

The benefits of technology training extend far beyond the individual who attends the courses at the centers -- they improve the social and economic opportunities of entire families, businesses and communities. These grants support the hard work of our local partners to provide the tools and training to foster true economic empowerment in all types of communities, from small, rural villages to urban areas in developed regions.
Pamela Passman

Sadly, disasters do happen. Through our long-term involvement with disaster response, we have built programs designed to maximize use of our technology expertise as well as our cash contributions. Our relationships with nonprofit organizations are designed to provide long-term value for the organizations and their ability to respond in crisis situations. We believe our most effective response to these situations is to put our tools and technology into action.
Pamela Passman

We're looking for the best talent wherever we can find it.
Pamela Passman