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Is Religion Political? As a political force, organized religion today is mainly on the conservative side. This was not always the case. How did it happen?
Nicholas Lemann

We are very pleased to be the new stewards of the John Chancellor Award for Outstanding Achievements in Journalism, which provides richly-deserved recognition and reward to a journalist who has consistently produced the highest quality reporting, day in and day out, without compromise. We are also grateful to Mr. Lipman for his generosity in funding the Chancellor Scholarships so the Journalism School can nurture and educate talented newcomers with fire in their bellies to enter this field.
Nicholas Lemann

This year's winners showed extraordinary initiative and creativity while attempting to tell stories of how wars and internal conflicts impact the lives of everyday people. Journalism as a public service was the Kurt Schork tradition, and this year's winners exemplify his legacy.
Nicholas Lemann