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Nate McLouth Quotes

It's kind of been a snowball type of thing. You kind of find yourself in a rut. It's tough to get out of. But it's a long season and nobody is going to give you anything. They're not going to take it easy on you. Ever. It's something we have to do ourselves.
Nate McLouth

I've really worked on specifics, like my top hand. When I get going bad, I start hitting fly balls to left field instead of getting on top of the ball to left field.
Nate McLouth

They [Pirates management] haven't said a word about it. Regardless of where I go, I'm just preparing for a long season, whether it's Pittsburgh or Indianapolis or a little bit of both.
Nate McLouth

It's huge. The only way to get comfortable in this situation is to actually experience it, and as small a sample as it was, to get that actual experience was important. It gives me a lot more confidence and allows me to relax a little more.
Nate McLouth

It was tough. I felt bad for him. He seems to be OK. His defense is a step above mine and people say my offense is a step above his.
Nate McLouth

I think it's been some bad luck. What if they scored a run every third inning of every game? Just because it's the first inning, it's a little different. But that's the way it's been, and we're going to have to deal with it.
Nate McLouth