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Mitch Gaspard Quotes

You can't strikeout 13 times in a game and think that you did something good.
Mitch Gaspard

The team has its sights set on another SLC championship season and postseason appearance. I think the bar for our success has been raised after last year's success.
Mitch Gaspard

We have to get some confidence, and to do that we have to win some games. We're not good enough to think about sweeping anybody right now. We just have to try to start winning some series.
Mitch Gaspard

Certainly the last couple of weeks has been more fun than the early part of the season. Our chemistry has kind of formed a little bit. We're doing the things we need to do to win games.
Mitch Gaspard

Our overall consistency of the whole game is getting better.
Mitch Gaspard