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Mike Wood Quotes

I was working on throwing my fastball away and inside to left-handed hitters. They haven't told me what plans they have for me yet. That's all I can do whether I am a starter or in the bullpen.
Mike Wood

It was a well-played basketball game: they did some nice things with the ball but I didn't think our defense was that bad. We played with a lot of emotion and a lot of intensity but we were fatigued at the end.
Mike Wood

Troy has trained well and he's ready for the competition. He knows what it takes to be a champion.
Mike Wood

We've always known that the air quality on board flights wasn't the best, but there isn't much a passenger can do.
Mike Wood

Horses just run for her. That's all you can say.
Mike Wood

That losing streak we had was bad. We went through it last year for the 19 games. We just had to end it again. Someone ended it. No doubt it didn't need to go any longer. The offence just came out firing.
Mike Wood