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Billy stepped in and made a great play. One of the all-time great plays in Ithaca history. Our players showed a lot of character. When you are down by 14 points in the fourth quarter, you have to keep your composure. They did and the defense came back with some big plays. It will be a memorable win, no question.
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We were short-handed tonight. Our players had to play positions that they just don't practice, and it hurt us. Felice is our only senior and obviously it's going to hurt us when she is not with us. However, we started three freshmen, and for them to get this much experience is invaluable.
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We got in a position to win the game. Brett is an outstanding kicker and we just missed it. We got another chance to win the game. The kids reloaded and they were ready to go.
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We showed promise for the future today. We were able to get all players quality playing time and mixed up our line ups throughout the tournament, while having a great competitive spirit. We look to take this success forward in the upcoming weeks.
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Those are some fairly major adjustments over last year (and) as we go through the budget, we'll make some choices and decisions over what we continue and what we do not.
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