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Mike Maxwell Quotes

I knew the team would be good. But I didn't know Josh would be this good. He surprises me. He's working himself into a scholarship.
Mike Maxwell

It's really a tribute to the rest of the team, too. I have a point guard who just finds them. The rest of the team's cool with it. They're going to get all the points, that's great, they don't care. They just go out and do their jobs.
Mike Maxwell

That's encouraging. I'd hate to run over one, and I'll follow the (speed zone) laws, but I'm glad to hear this.
Mike Maxwell

You can't lose at home, especially not at this time of year. It's really tough to win games on the road in this region. We've already got our two losses this season and this win was huge for us.
Mike Maxwell

That was all we had left. Payson was killing us, moving the ball, hitting shots. We only had one thing left in our arsenal and that was the press. If it didn't work, we were going to lose by 20. We got lucky that it worked.
Mike Maxwell