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Mike Gurley Quotes

It was a competitive atmosphere ? that's for sure. Give Northwest credit. We had our chances, but they always seemed to run a dagger into us to make sure the game wasn't over.
Mike Gurley

That took a lot out of us. That was the heart and soul of what we try to do. We showed a lot of character and a lot of poise, but we've just got to get better.
Mike Gurley

Thank God Mooresville's got that soft rim. I noticed it all night. That thing kind of hit the front and kind of looked like a putt at the end where you think it's dead and then it just kind of drops.
Mike Gurley

I thought (Cuthbertson) was the energy that got us going in the fourth quarter.
Mike Gurley

I'm a sentimental guy by nature. But no tears this time, because I'm proud of this group of seniors. They had to carry the torch from our 61-0 teams, and they went through rough times. But they wanted to put a banner on the wall (for this season's NPC championship), and they did get one.
Mike Gurley