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Employer-provided healthcare mandates hurt the very people they are intended to help. Attempting to remedy today's healthcare problem through the employer will lead to job loss for the least-skilled and still leave a large number of the uninsured without coverage.
Mike Flynn

You can only take so much abuse before it gets to you. It seems like ever since [the Broncos' game], he's been playing very well. It's good he can take that negative energy and turn around and go out and make some plays.
Mike Flynn

She's on the rivet so much there's always the potential for her to be a bit sore.
Mike Flynn

Wage hike proponents may be acting with the best of intentions, however, it is impossible to escape the drastic negative economic consequences of job loss for the least-educated. Such a measure would actually hurt the people it is intended to help.
Mike Flynn
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A state EITC takes into account household income and dependents, something a minimum wage hike can't do. As a result, the benefits reach those in real need without putting them at risk of losing their job.
Mike Flynn

Most people would expect Sarah to perform well whenever because she is such a professional, but her results and her training have been going excellently.
Mike Flynn