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For a long time we were regarded as the Susan Lucci of the Video Music Awards, ... because we could just never, we were nominated, like, 14 times or something before we ever got one.
Mike Dirnt

Now are any of these vegetables magic? I mean if I rub that bean on my foot will I run faster?
Mike Dirnt

Here's to our soldiers. Let's bring them home safe.
Mike Dirnt

I think that statement is reflective of where he is in life, and an opinion. I don't think any musical genre will ever be dead, as long as someone has passion about what they're doing in it.
Mike Dirnt

There are weeks when I'll spank a lot, and other weeks I'll be apathetic and lonely and won't want to look at my cock.
Mike Dirnt

It started off as this little joke and ended very grandiose kind of like the theme from 'The Muppet Show,' kind of how that was humorous but it was supposed to be very grand at the same time, very operatic, ... When everyone came back, Billie heard it and he was like, 'Oh, my God. That sounds so fun. I want to do one.' So he did one. He connected it to mine. ... We just kept playing musical hot potato.
Mike Dirnt
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