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We just did what we had to do to win the ballgame.
Mike Day
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Valley was playing such good defense, I wasn't sure we were ever going to score again.
Mike Day

I didn't do a good job of coaching tonight. I didn't feel like I got our kids in a good position to win the game.
Mike Day

We wanted to go up and down, but we needed to control the ball better and we had to run our offense instead of going wild like we did. In a big game against a good team, you just can't miss that many shots and opportunities. We just missed them ... we got out of our game plan, and that's my fault.
Mike Day

Body Worlds is an exhibition of real human bodies. It allows you to see inside of bodies the way only medical students have ever been able to see.
Mike Day

All of our major issues were resolved and we believe strongly it would not have happened without the widespread support from the community. We are particularly grateful to Supervisor Gordon who really came up with the idea for how we might receive full funding.
Mike Day