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The increased domestic demand has driven the price of Chinese corn higher, both domestically and throughout Asia . Coupled with [Friday]'s report that China will issue no new export quotas beyond March 1, this is exceptionally good news for U.S. grain producers, who compete in those same international markets.
Mike Callahan

She's just giving us a real good drenching. It's really going to alleviate drought conditions in central and western parts of the state.
Mike Callahan

Once Wi-Fi technology was embedded into notebooks, wireless LANs really started to take off. We see the same thing happening for wireless WAN. The people who really want mobility while they are away from the corporate LAN or a Wi-Fi hot spot will really find this technology useful.
Mike Callahan

It's all speculative, but it's as good as you're going to get at night.
Mike Callahan