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Mikael Tellqvist Quotes

It's special for Mats, he's been longing for that. He's won pretty much everything except a gold medal and a Stanley Cup. Hopefully, he can take care of the rest in the spring.
Mikael Tellqvist

It should be fun, we've never played against each other. (Winning) would give me bragging rights, at least for this season.
Mikael Tellqvist

I wake up every morning with a smile on my face.
Mikael Tellqvist

It's easier when you're seeing more action. It was tough in Buffalo because we played our butts off but when you're playing many games in a row, you can get into a groove.
Mikael Tellqvist

I always want to be playing, but I did not come up with my best games [in Montreal].
Mikael Tellqvist