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It will take this person a lot of getting used to, asking a lot of questions, sitting in on meetings. I would think that for this first Garlic Festival it will really be about working alongside us. Afterward, we're hoping the strengths of this person can take us into the future.
Micki Pirozzoli

Accessibility will be improved in terms of holding meetings and being more openly visible to the community. It will be a great addition to the downtown and a cornerstone for the Garlic Festival and the city.
Micki Pirozzoli

The association is extremely happy with the selection process. We had applications from across the United States and through the interview process, we strongly feel that we have picked the best candidate for the job.
Micki Pirozzoli
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A purchase agreement was signed last June and the agreement is that we will stay in the offices until our new building is ready. It works out great because they wanted more space and we were going to move.
Micki Pirozzoli

We don't want to lose the feel that it's Gilroy's Garlic Festival. That it is for the people of Gilroy to show the rest of the world who we are. We don't want to lose that by becoming too corporate.
Micki Pirozzoli